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Heath/Medication information

Illness and Accidents

If your child becomes ill or is injured at school, we will make him/her comfortable and then call you immediately.  If we cannot reach you, we will use the emergency contact information you have provided. In case of a serious accident, we will call “911.”  Please remember that we cannot keep ill children at school. If your child is sick, please keep them at home. Students must be fever-free for 24 hours, without the benefit of Tylenol, before returning to school.


Injuries: If your student needs to be at school with crutches, casts, ace bandages, orthopedic appliances, etc. as a result of an accident or injury, the parent/guardian and physician MUSTt complete School District release forms. These forms are available in the school office. Students may not participate in P.E., recess or be on the playground before or after school until a WRITTEN RELEASE by a physician is received.


Medication - Health

School personnel may assist a pupil who is required to take medication prescribed for him/her by a physician upon condition that:

  • A written statement from the physician, detailing the method, amount and time such medication is to be taken
  • A written statement from the parent or guardian of the pupil, indicating the desire that such assistance be provided.  No medication will be given until these written statements are provided to the school office.
  • Forms are available in the school office or on the link below.
  • Medication must be in its original container


All medication brought on campus, under the terms of this regulation, will be under the custody of the office.  It shall be stored in a place not available to pupils.  Students may not carry* medication at any time.  Office personnel are not allowed to dispense medication of any kind without a doctor’s note as stated above.  This includes prescription medication as well as over-the-counter items, such as aspirin, cough drops, skin creams, etc.

*Asthma Exception - If your student is old enough and you provide a Dr. note  indicating that he/she has been trained to use his/her inhaler, the student may carry it. Doctor's note MUST be provided with this information. Inhalers are kept in the health office otherwise, and also require a Dr. note as does any medication taken during the school day and administered by the staff.

     Link to Authorization form for medication at school.

Link to Authorization form for return to school with injury/cast.